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The key to AVATAR's success comes from the dedication, commitment, and knowledge of the person at the top... Sharon Bias, the owner of the business has spent over twenty-five (25) years of her professional career in the field of medical billing/practice management. She is comfortable dealing with the provider, the office staff, the patient, insurers, regulatory agencies, collection agencies, and whatever or whoever else it may take to get the job done.

AVATAR's objective is to work with the provider and staff to take the routine out of their office and into the data center so that AVATAR, with its trained billing professionals and its computers can record, manipulate, transmit, track, follow up, and present results back to the office in a readily understandable fashion. By doing this, the provider and staff can devote their time to ding what they do best, providing care to their patients.
Event Billing
Patients are registered in the system one time, only. If they change insurance carriers, have different carriers for different incidents (job related workers compensation or an auto accident) see another provider in your practice, everything is automatically tied to the basic patient information but managed separately, by event.This means increased collections, improved cash flow, reduced receivables, fewer write-offs, and more money in your pocket.
Open Item Invoicing
The system automatically tracks each transaction (change, payment, etc) by the date that it occurred. No more "lost claim forms" that you don't know about for months. This means an accurate and current status of you accounts receivable so that you can see where your practice stands. It also means that AVATAR accurately and actively pursue reimbursement on your behalf.
Automatic Write-offs
The system can, if you chose, automatically write-off any un collectable amounts based on contracts that you may have in place. This means that your accounts receivable are accurate and not over inflated based on amounts of money that you cannot contractually, collect.
Wide Range of Reports and Graphs
You will receive a set of standard monthly reports which provide both the details and management summaries for a complete and accurate picture of the financial status of your practice. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so AVATAR includes graphs which present a concise, but easy to understand "picture" of your practice. This means that you can, with less time and effort on your part, do a better job of managing your practice.
The AVATAR Advantage
Any organization is only as good as it's people. AVATAR's staff averages over nine (9) years on experience in the medical billing industry. The are experienced, committed, capable, and friendly professionals. They are involved in ongoing training, professional, industry, and trade organizations. They are highly motivated to provide the kind of service that has made AVATAR's customers willing to declare their satisfaction. This means that you can become a satisfied customer of a professional and profitable medical billing/practice management organization, AVATAR Business Systems.
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